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Acrylic Top Letter Laser Cutting and LED Lighting for Advertising and Branding with Indoor and Outdoor Signage

© Project for #Petromax_LPG_Limited
© a concern of #Youth_Group
© Project for #Intraco_LPG_Limited
© a concern of #Intraco_Group

01) Definitions Making of Acrylic Top Letter with ...

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ACP Board and Acrylic Top Letter Laser Cutting and LED Lighting Outdoor Signage

© Project for #SUMI_TOWER_(Mirpur-2)
© a concern of #GOLDSTAR_GROUP

© Project of #GOLDSTAR_GROUP Work Made by #adkey

01) Definitions Making of ACP Board Structure Details Size: 50′ x 4′
a) 3mm/4mm ACP (Bafoni), 18 ...

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ACP Board and Acrylic Top Letter Laser Cutting and LED Lighting Outdoor Signage/Signboard Project of #Sher_e_bangla_Nagar_Dhaka Work Completed by #adkey

© Project for #National_Institute_of_Ophthalmology_&_Hospital
© a concern of #Ministry_of_Health_&_Family_Welfare

01) Definitions Making of Ac...

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Acrylic Top Letter and LED Lighting Outdoor Signages Work Made by #adkey

© Project for #Max_Building_Technologies_Limited
© a concern of #Max_Group

01) Definitions Making of Acrylic Top Letter with LED Light Structure Details Size:
a) Front Side 3mm Acrylic Top Letter Laser Cutting Red Colo...

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Neon Sign and Box Type MS Metal Letter and Neon Lighting with Profile Box (Lighting Board) & Outdoor Signage.

© Project for #State_University_of_Bangladesh
© a concern of #Labaid_Group

Project of #Dhanmondi_Dhaka for Working Making by #adkey_bd

01) Definitions Making SUB Logo of Display Profil...

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Name Plate ACP Board with Acrylic Top Letter with Advertising and Branding with Indoor and Outdoor Signage Project for #Sher_e_bangla_Nagar_Dhaka for Working Making by #adkey

© Project for #National_Institute_of_Ophthalmology_and_Hospital
© A concern of #Ministry_of_Health_and_Family_Welfare
© A...

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Name Plate ACP Off Cut Board with Acrylic Top Letter with LED Lighting with Branding Outdoor Signage Project of #PBIL_Dilkuha_Branch_Motijhil_Dhaka for Working Making by #adkey

© Project for #Prime_Bank_Investment_Limited
© a concern of #Prime Bank Limited
© a Project of #Masum_Rahman_Cre...

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Name Plate ACP Off Cut Board with Acrylic Top Letter with LED Lighting with Branding Outdoor Signage Project of #PBIL_Dilkuha_Branch_Motijhil_Dhaka for Working Making by #adkey

© Project for #Prime_Bank_Investment_Limited
© a concern of #Prime Bank Limited
© a Project of #Masum_Rahman_Cre...

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8 months ago
One of the top advertising agency when it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing, print advertisement and event marketing. An ad agency creates, plans, and manages all aspects of a client's advertising. Ad agencies can specialize in areas such as interactive advertising, or they can ... Looking for Advertising Agencies in Bangladesh? Here are the best ones listed just for you. Get Top Quality From Suppliers Without a Premium Price! Customization Available! Wholesale Price. Factory Direct. Quality Assurance. Advanced Technology. Types: Led Advertising Displays, Led Illumination Panel, Led Billboard Display. An advertising agency, often referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. Saturday Advertising is a full service creative marketing solution agency for traditional & digital media with innovative ideas, marketing & branding ...
a year ago
A global advertising agency. adkey advertising Limited specializes in digital marketing, direct marketing, advertising, and social media marketing. Best Advertising Agencies in Bangladesh Which one is the best for your company? We use cookies to analyse our traffic, to provide social media features integrated with our site, and provide a better experience. By clicking accept, you agree for cookie information to be shared with us and our social media partners. As an innovative firm we handle all aspects of advertising process, including Branding, Planning, Designing, Segmenting, Producing, Organizing and Placement. Our company also handles other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, marketing research, sales promotion, event organization, idea generation, awareness creation etc. Top Advertising Agencies in Bangladesh. We Host Dhaka. Best web hosting solution in Printing Company in Dhaka Bangladesh.
- Eco s
a year ago
In the business world you need to be well known and clearly seen.... The three primary colours used to create a broad spectrum of hues. Similar to the colour code, we as an ad agency specialized in providing advertising, brand identity & designing, strategic consulting, media management, event management (Social, Corporate & Wedding), printing & outdoor production services aimed at integrating a company’s marketing, communication & branding efforts into one cohesive platform that will yield profitable results and brand value. For our clients - our mission is to create superior value. By providing them with the best in strategic, integrated communications counsel and effective implementation, we will help them achieve the business results they seek. For ourselves - our people and our company - our mission is to build an ever-greater communications counselling firm. By leading the industry in thought and innovation, we will create value for our shareholders and opportunities for ...
- adkey L

Best Advertising Agencies in Bangladesh

Established in 05 May, 2005 adkey first specialised in general corporate signage. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital imaging, and its specific application to large format printing for both internal and external applications.
As a leading marketing agency, our mission is to provide valuable and timely indoor and outdoor advertising solutions and marketing support which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their corporate goals.
Our vision is to lead in creation and delivering innovative solutions and service that enable our clients to share their vision and achieve their sales and marketing objectives.
OUR SERVICES by: adkey advertising Limited
Digital Printing Services:
 Digital PVC Print
 Digital Cloth Print
 Digital Panaflex Print
 Digital Panaflex Reverse Print
 Digital Reflective PVC Print
 Digital Reflective Sticker Print
 Digital Inkjet Sticker Print with Glossy Lamination
 Digital Inkjet Sticker Print with Matt Lamination
 Digital Clear Media with Glossy Print
 Digital Clear Media with Matt Print
 Digital Vinyl Sticker Print
 Digital Vinyl Sticker Cutting
 Frosted Sticker Print
 Digital One Way Vision Sticker Print
 Digital Banner Print
 Festoon Print
Digital Signage Services:
 LED Moving
 LED Sign
 Bell Sign
 Poly Sign
 Neon Sign
 Shop Sign
 Metal Sign
 Plastic Sign
 S.S Letter
 M.S Letter
 Acrylic Letter
 Wall Writing Art
Digital Boards Services:
 Bill Board
 Step Sign Board
 Steel Sign Board
 Passenger Shaed
 Local Sign Board
 Stand Sign Board
 Non-lit Sign Board
 Project Sign Board
 Back-lit Sign Board
 Lighting Sign Board
 Uni-pool Sign Board
 Try Vision Sign Board
 Aluminium Sign Board
 Project Boundary Board
OUR CLIENT by: adkey advertising Limited
At adkey we believe in showing our customers how much we appreciate their work.
© Labaid Group
© Panna Group
© Navana Group
© Marine Group
© Asian Alo Group
© Noborupa Group
© Assurance Group
© Onnorokom Group
© Prime Asset Group
© Green Stone Group
© Safa Marwah Group
© Fazlul Haque Group
© Saudi Bangla Group
© Bashundhara Group
© Mohammadi Group
© Experience Group
© Thermax Group
© N Biswas Group
© Zahirul Group
© Maxim Group
© CDL Group
© Prothom Alo
© Oeko-Tex
© Vivo
© Artistic Limited
© Alfa Laval Lmited
© Unimarts Limited
© Hohenstein Limited
© Alpha Vision Limited
© Kumudini Handicraft.
© Navana CNG Limited
© Gazi Fashion Limited
© Rahabul Motors Limited
© Abound Business Inc. Ltd.
© Ayan Properties Limited
© Sinha Trade Enterprise Limited
© Yellow Ray Properties Limited
© Luminous Builders Limited
© Inspire Aviation Air Lines Ltd.
© Sixthsense Home Application Ltd.
© Fazlul Haque Steel & Re-Tolling Mills Ltd.
© WINGS Learnig Centre
© DCCI Business Institute
©Nassa Abroad Education
© State School & College
© Trinity School & College
© State University of Bangladesh
© European University of Bangladesh
© Alliance (For Bangladesh Worker Safety)
© Delta Hospital Limited
© UNI-LAB Hospital Limited
© Ideal Eye Hospital Limited
© Mirpur Eye Hospital Limited
© Bangladesh ENT Hospital Ltd
© Deen Mohd. Eye Hospital & Research Center Ltd.
© National institute of ophthalmology & Hospital
© Haque International Residential Hotel Ltd.
     and many more.
© Bangladesh Bank
© National Eye Care
© Community Vision Center
© Bangladesh Police
© Dhaka Metropolitan Police
© Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited
© Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital
© Dhaka Medical College and Hospital
© Mohammadpur Model School & College
© Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board
© Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence
© National Institute of Ophthalmology & HospitalA
© Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy
© Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company
     and many more.
adkey advertising Limited is proud to have been fulfilling some of Bangladeshi most successful companies with their large format digital printing needs for more than 13 years.
© Advertising: Advertising has involved into a vastly complex form of communication, with literally thousands of different ways for a business to get a message to the consumer. Today's advertiser has a vast array of choices at his or her disposal. The Internet alone provides many of these, with the advent of branded viral videos, banners, advertorials, sponsored websites, branded chat rooms and so much more.
© Print Advertising: Once a huge driver of sales, print is taking a back seat to the many digital forms of advertising now available to marketers. however, if there is one thing that's certain about advertising, it's that being different is good and when consumers tire of digital ads, a return to printed pieces, and the tactile feeling and permanence they provide, is definitely on the cards. typically, print can be split into three sub categories.
© Indoor Advertising: Indoor advertising is an eye-catching, innovative approach to advertising. Placing your ads in your desired zip code and venue means you get your target audience in a captive situation when they can solely be focused on your message. All over media’s comprehensive array of products include indoor bathroom advertising (men’s and women’s), indoor poster ads, and a full complement of bar media and sports media.
© Outdoor Advertising: Also known as out-of-home (ooh) advertising, this is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches the consumer when he or she is outside of the home. You will know it as billboards, bus shelter posters, fly posters, and even those big digital boards in times square.
© Laminating: A number of finishes (including matte, gloss and non slip) are available for added durability, UV stability, chemical and graffiti resistance.
© Pre-press & Design: Services include hi-res scanning, image library access, layout and art work creation, colour management and manipulation of digital files.
© Interior Design: Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.
© Exterior Design: The architectural design should reflect the overall style of your house and the family that live there, while your choice of materials will help your house blend in with its surrounds.
Businesses typically use advertising, marketing and branding to convince consumers, clients, stakeholders or external donors to buy their goods and servicesor invest in the Organization. Many people usually misuse the three terminologies because their meaning can be confusing due to close their connections and unity of purpose. Knowing the differences among these words can substantially help your business grow because these elements help to increase the reputation of your product or company by keeping the potential. According to the Bangladesh Marketing Association (BMA), a brand is anything that helps get potential buyers to remain loyal to your product or company, such as the logo, symbol, name or design. Branding involves the collection of things an audience expects and experiences, combined with the workings of all the brand elements, including typeface, logos, tagline or brand. It creates an association between, the potential buyer’s ideals and the particular make of a product, such as associating the color blue with some airlines due to the color of the sky.
Production Capacity:
1. Design capacity: It refers to the maximum output that can possibly
be achieved.
2. Effective capacity: Effective capacity is the maximum possible output given constraints such as quality requirements, product mix composition, machine maintenance and scheduling problems.
3. Actual output: It is the rate of output actually attained. capacity planning can help in optimal utilization of resources.
Complete Control:
Since 2005, adkey has been operating independently. with all facilities on site we are able to successfully maintain complete control of customer service, pre-press, printing, finishing, delivery and installation in Bangladesh. By maintaining this total control we are confident that your print will arrive where you.
Project Teams:
adkey has recently introduced independent project teams, consisting of a pre-press operator, a print operator and a finishing assistant. Your personal project team will adkey after your job from start to finish, ensuring efficient workflow in order to produce the highest quality product.
Preferred Supplier Arrangements:
Preferred supplier arrangements ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality and best value materials and services the market has to offer.
Proprietary Digital Management Software:
Our proprietary software electronically prices, schedules, tracks and monitors each individual order, from the various stages of production through to delivery and installation, ensuring everything flows according to plan.
Guaranteed Deliver ability:
We realise your order has to be there on time, and our reputation is built upon that promise. we’re so confident of our proven track record that we’re the only large format printer in Bangladesh to guarantee it will be ready on time!
Color Management:
adkey has installed a fully integrated state-of-the-art colour management system, guaranteeing colour consistency across the broad range of materials that your campaign may require. We are also introducing a new off-line proofing system giving you fast, economical proofing.
Quality Guarantee:
If when you receive your prints you are not delighted, or they were not produced as required, simply call us. we’ll immediately collect them and, at your absolute option, either reprint them at our cost and credit your account with a 10% rebate of their original value, OR, not reprint and credit your account (for future purchases) with a full 110% of the original value.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
At adkey we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve our processes. customers are surveyed regularly to ensure they are completely satisfied with our product and service offerings.
Shorter Turnarounds:
With unprecedented high printer speeds, and without the laborious screen setups involved in screen printing, we can now complete your jobs sooner rather than later.
Part Shipments:
Allows you the option to have your job delivered in batches to suit your need.
Would you like to know what your print looks like before you place an order for thousands of m2? with digital printing you can. Simply send us a file and at a low cost we can print your artwork onto the product of your choice.
Variable Artwork:
Allow more flexibility in your advertising campaigns by having variable artworks in your print run.
Photo Quality:
Available at real 720dpi, with 6 colour inks for optimum color accuracy across a comprehensive range of products.
Targeted Relationships:
We do not pretend to be “all things to all people”, or the “best at everything”. Our goal is to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that require our core product and service offerings.
We realise that every business is different and therefore has unique needs when it comes to printing. Our business development managers and concept consultant work closely with our clients to understand the dynamics of their business and develop the right print solution to suit their needs.
Points of Difference:
Our consultative approach to partnering with cli

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